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Bad Blood #1 – Comic Review

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All is not well for best friends, Jared and Kyle. Jared is dying of cancer and tired of fighting. No pep talk will change his mind. Yet, an encounter with one seriously freaky vampire inspires him to start fighting—and kill the undead.

Bad Blood #1 cover from

Bad Blood #1 cover from

Bad Blood #1 (of 5)
Writer: Jonthan Maberry
Artist: Tyler Crook
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: January 1, 2014

Bad Blood, the new series from Dark Horse Comics, starts off on a sensitive tone. Before you know it, you are swept up in a terrifying vampire tale. Maberry’s writing and Cook’s art blend well to give depth of character and emotion to the story.

Kyle pushes open Jared’s bedroom door and asks him if he’s I dead yet. (It’s an auspicious opening line.) The two friends rib each other as they get ready to head over to campus. Jared narrates the history between them: born seven minutes apart, lived on the same street, and star football players in high school. But now a huge divide separates them—Jared’s cancer. Jared reveals to Kyle that he is tired of fighting and going through chemo. After this heart-to-heart in the stadium bleachers, Kyle leaves Jared to sulk. Out of the shadows a creature appears and attacks Jared, only to find that Jared is not the tasty snack the vampire had hoped. The vampire runs off into the night and Jared makes a few calls for some help. He tries Kyle and hears horrifying noises on the other end of the line. The encounter with the vampire kicks off a string of deaths—none of them Jared’s. No matter how hard he tries to tell the police what is going on, they don’t believe him. No one does. So, Jared is on his own to find this vampire hiding somewhere in Philadelphia. Where to start? A vampire meet-up of course.

This first issue hit all the right notes. Both the friendship and vampire storyline drew me in and I will stick around to see how this quest turns out. My only criticism, and this is going to be weird because I am not a Twilight fan, is the sparkly vampire dig. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, but it is time to move past Twilight all together. Let’s just let the idea of a sparkly vampire fade into our memories.

Recommendation: For readers who like 30 Days of Night, American Vampire, and Witch Doctor.

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