Alan Smithee

Babylon 5 Might Return

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I was swimming the information seas last night when I ran across a story that at once had me intrigued and hot under the collar at the same time…J. Michael Straczynski might be involved in bringing the series back.

Ok, well he doesn’t explicitly say “Yes, Babylon 5 will be returning.” but what he did let loose smacked of Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Turns out that a writer for AICN got involved in a conversation with Mr. Straczynski on his Facebook fan page about whether or not us fans of the show have “really, truly seen the last of Babylon 5 either on TV or in theaters.”

His reply was a simple:

Ask me again after next April.

That to me is as good as saying that he is in fact working on a Babylon 5 project RIGHT NOW…and I’ll be so excited to see what comes of it. We geeks tend to hold onto hope and whatever little bits of info we can find, so please just let me cling to this thread in the hopes it’s true.

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