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Baby TattooRose City Comic Con has more to offer than just comics!

During my weekend at Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Bob Self, President of Baby Tattoo. I have to say, this guy gets it. At least I think so! You see, he not only puts out what he knows people want to see, but also that which not everyone may be interested in. He takes risks, he supports creativity and you just get excited talking to the guy! While everyone’s out chasing the latest fad, he’s busy making sure people, or more so, artists aren’t left in the dust. That they aren’t trailing behind and fading into the background. After all, nobody wants to be a has-been right?

Since 2003, Baby Tattoo has published visual books showcasing collections from numerous contemporary artists including; Karen Hsiao, Brandi Milne, Jeffery Scott and Michael Hussar.

I was lucky enough to be able to review two books from two very talented artists. The recently published Fröhlich by Brandi Milne and Visions From Within The Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism Of Jeffery Scott (1019) by Jeffery Scott.

Fröhlich by Brandi Milne

Brandi MilneAs a passerby at RCCC, I was immediately drawn to the crisp, clean, white hardcover of a beautifully pressed book. Fröhlich was sitting silently on the table of Baby Tattoo. A window on the front cover offers a glimpse into a world of soft sadness neatly decorated with gumdrops and creatures big and small. There is heartbreak that resonates throughout the pages of this book. A girl often giving comfort and assistance to the animals around her: it sometimes coming too late. A world of wondrous creation, Fröhlich takes us on a journey back to childhood; where our lives were filled with dreams and imagination.  I will be keeping this one out on my coffee table, so that I can continue to drift away to a place even I couldn’t make up.

FrohlichGo here to purchase your copy of Fröhlich , available soon!

Visions From Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffery Scott (1019)

3796255822_6ff04b14cd_oSpeaking of making things up, this is Jeffery Scott and wow, this stuff is weird… in a crazy good way. Take striking women (or men), take them apart, piece them back together with machines, and voila! The delicate curves of a woman against the harsh contrast of wire and metal is something to behold.

Visions 2012-06-01From Within the Mechanism twists and contorts the human body and rebuilds it into something profoundly unique. The ability to disconnect and rewire  ones way of looking at the human form is what pulled me in. However, this collective is not for everyone. Nudity runs rampant and some images appear violent in nature. If this is up your alley, then I highly recommend taking a look at the work of Jeffery Scott.


Purchase Visions From Within the Mechanism: The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffery Scott (1019) here.

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