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Axe Cop – American Choppers: Out in Full Force

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The imagination of a child can sometimes take us to crazy places. With Dark Horse’s Axe Cop: The American Choppers, we go to the extreme.


Axe Cop: American Choppers #1 via darkhorse.com

Axe Cop: American Choppers #1 via darkhorse.com


Axe Cop: The American Choppers #1
Co-Creators: Malachai Nicolle & Ethan Nicolle
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: May 21, 2014

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Created by Malachai Nicolle and his now 9 year-old brother, Ethan Nicolle, Axe Cop is the story of a cop – with an axe. Axe Cop fights crime against various bad guys and always wins because, well, he is awesome. It’s simplicity in its most genuine form. In its five years of existence, Axe Cop has become one of Dark Horse’s more popular titles and has even found a home on the Fox television lineup. While the Saturday 11PM time slot may be a bit late for younger viewers, it still manages to post ratings comparable with Archer. The show is voiced by an array of famous comedic actors including the furniture-building, meat-loving Nick Offerman who perfectly embodies the titular character. I found it especially difficult to NOT read all of Axe Cop’s dialogue in Offerman’s monotone delivery.

Axe Cop: American Choppers is a three-part series and begins with Axe handing over his job as President of the World to his lovely new wife, proclaiming that he’d rather be fighting because “everything else is boring.” The fun continues as Axe Cop rides a dinosaur to a battle with the notorious Food Force, who has hijacked a Hawaiian restaurant and is turning innocent patrons into chicken wings. After defeating the foes with the help of Captain Axe and Super Axe, the three friends celebrate at Axe Cop’s own restaurant, Axe Ham, which of course features “The Best Ham on Earth.” Over a juicy ham-cook, the trio comes to a realization that they should form a team which they aptly name “The American Choppers” and the recruitment drive for other Axe allies begins.

I chuckled my way through this entire issue and the dialogue reminded me of the frantic and out-of-breath way a child might tell you about his trip to see the crazy monkeys at the zoo or the rocket ship she built from garbage and gummy bears. I kind of want to spend the day with Ethan and hear him not only talk about Axe Cop but also his philosophies on life in general. Additionally, I truly applaud Malachai for encouraging his younger brother to create a world that some adults may have shunned or stamped out. Just as the story was over the top and colorful, the art was an excellent pairing to an out-there world. Axe Cop was so fully formed as a character that I felt a real love for him.  If you aren’t already familiar with Axe Cop, you’d better get on the monster RV jet with 20 tires immediately. All the kids are doing it!



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