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That Awkward Moment Advance Screenings for Seattle and Portland

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Just so you guys in Seattle and Portland think we left you out of That Awkward Moment, here are the screenings for you!

awkward moment

WHEN: Monday, January 27th @ 7pm
WHERE: Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon
HOW TO GET IN: Please make sure you arrive EARLY! The theater is overbooked to ensure full capacity and there will be plenty of people trying to get in!

If you want to get any early warnings about the next advance screening we’re doing, LIKE us on Facebook and/or subscribe to the newsletter on the right side! Make sure you let everyone know #WPRsentme when you are talking about being at the screening on your social media!


GOFOBO LINK + Code: WPR6DZ2 = You’re in


GOFOBO LINK + Code: WPRKYQ6 = You’re in

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