Avengers Movie Yes! Avengers Everything Else…errr Maybe

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I don't know what's wrong but Cap shouldn't look like this

Let me set the stage for you. I am a huge Marvel fanboy, I have been reading Marvel comics for more than 30 years. When they started making movies I loved those too (yes, I even liked Fleck’s Daredevil and Cage’s Ghost Rider, don’t hate me). When Marvel relaunched the ert Avengers, Secret Avengers and New Avengers at the same time a couple years ago I jumped fully onto the Avengers bandwagon and followed all three titles.

The new Marvel movies have just reinforced by love for these properties, Iron Man was phenomenal, Thor turned out awesome and the one I had the most doubts about, Captain America, ended up being really good (I had a hard time with the apparently three-foot tall Steve Rogers turning into the muscled behemoth Steve Rogers, it was hard to suspend the disbelief. Plus, they still haven’t gotten the Cap costume right. I’m sorry, but even in the trailer for the new movie something about it looks just a little ridiculous but I digress). I am really looking forward to seeing this group brought together it looks to be epic.

That's right, Captain America should look like this, he's not made of plastic.

Now here’s the part where I’m getting Avengered out. Marvel’s big crossover super story this year is Avengers Vs. X-Men, it’s supposed to be pretty good but I just can’t get myself to care. I don’t know if its the thought of shelling out $3.99 for each of the 12 issues or if I’m starting to feel abused by the Marvel marketing machine trying to get me to buy extra comics beyond the monthlies I always pick up.

Yes, this is real. And yes that is Thor and Thor as a frog.

I mentioned earlier I was picking up the three Avengers titles, Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers. Eventually, I lost interest in all three and I haven’t been back to any of them. Now in addition to those titles you can pick up Avengers Assemble (with surprise, surprise the exact same team as the Avengers movie, go marketing machine, go) Avengers Academy, Super Special Avengers, Dark Avengers, Light Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Avengers Origins, Avenging Avengers, Avengers With Cream Sauce…okay you get the point (and I did make up at least a few of those).

Enough is enough. I love the Avengers but wow do we really need a bajillion different Avengers titles? I can’t get excited about even one. So May 4 I’ll be first in line for the movie but when I hit the comic shop I’ll be buying Daredevil, Punisher and Venom.

Tony, however, should look exactly like this.

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