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Avengers Assemble “Super Adaptoid” Review

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Captain America tries to save the Avengers from an evil android, and a bad story.
In this weeks “Super Adaptoid” the Avengers face off against one of Tony Stark biggest competitors, Justin Hammer and his android, Super Adaptoid. With an Iron Man villain, it seemed odd that this episode would center around Capt. America. That said, it was great to see the good Captain get his chance to headline an episode. Unfortunately, with a forced storyline and too many head scratching moments, even Capt. America couldn’t save “Super Adaptoid” from falling flat and being one of this young series worst episodes.

“Super Adaptoid” starts off well enough with a great fight scene between Iron Man and Capt. America. Stark believes that Captain America is outdated. Capt. America reminds Tony(and us) of what makes him great; guts and human ingenuity. The two are soon interrupted by a video sent by one of Tony’s biggest tech rivals, weapons manufacturer, Justin Hammer. Hammer has built something he thinks can take out the Avengers and challenges them to find out. Iron Man accepts and the Avengers face off against Hammer’s android, the Super Adaptoid. The Super Adaptoid can adapt to anyone’s fighting style so it makes for a good, but surprisingly short, fight. The Avengers defeat the android pretty easily, and only Capt. America is concerned that it was too easy. Super Adaptoid soon attacks the Avengers again, leaving only Capt. America to save the day and prove he’s not outdated.

I was happy to see Captain America finally get his own episode. With the show having Iron Man be the de facto leader, Capt America has mostly been relinquished to a supporting role. Considering he’s one of the Avengers founding members, it was nice to see him still be a valuable member of the team. It’s just too bad that “Super Adaptoid” had to be the episode he got to star in. The story felt incredibly forced and at times just made no sense. I didn’t mind having Capt. America be the last man standing, but the way the Avengers kept getting themselves knocked out of the fight just made them look stupid. Also, if during the whole episode Capt. America tells everyone that they need a plan, how does it happen that when it’s the Captain’s turn to fight, he doesn’t have a plan? This was one of the many hand/palm moments.

The other big issue I had was with Justin Hammer and his android. When the episode started I was fairly excited to see Hammer be this weeks villain. He has a long history with Iron Man, and was a fun bad guy in Iron Man 2. Assemble’s version of Justin Hammer disappointingly got old real fast. Hammer’s whiny attitude and constant jabs started wearing thin early. Even Super Adaptoid became annoying when Hammer’s face started showing up on the android. I get that this was probably meant to make Hammer seem like a more formidable threat, but it ended up just taking away any sense of danger that the android previously had. Even Red Skull, in a guest appearance, seemed annoyed by Justin Hammer.

This was not a strong week for Avengers Assemble. The story felt way too forced, and at times just plain silly. The comedy didn’t live up to its normal standards, and everyone besides Capt. America felt completely irrelevant. Luckily it’s a long season and even the best shows have a dud from time to time. On the positive side; the action was up to its usual high standards, and there was a nice reference to Hulks missing peanut Butter. Plus, it was nice to finally see Capt. America do something besides just throw a shield. Hopefully next week Avengers Assemble will be back to its regular level of awesomeness.

“Super Adaptoid” gets a 6 outta 10 Super Annoying Justin Hammers

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