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Avengers Assemble Review

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Last year marvel announced that they were canceling the very popular animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and replacing it with Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. The reasoning Marvel had given for the change was they wanted a show that was more in line with the shared universe theme they had spent the last few years creating with its movies and other upcoming animated shows. This move did make a lot of sense, as great as Avengers: EMH was, it always was much more of a comic adaptation then something that resembled the box office juggernaut that was The Avengers. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of losing a great show, its hard to blame Marvel for wanting to try and recapture the magic of something that had made them one and a half billion dollars. But the question I had was wither Marvel wanted Avengers Assemble to be a show that would stand on its own they way Avengers: EMH had, or was this going to be a heartless clone of the Avengers movie that was created only to help sell tickets to the next Marvel movie? After watching the first four episodes I can confidently say that all my fears have subsided, Avengers Assemble is a great show that looks to be the jewel of Marvel’s animation eye.
Avengers Assemble very much succeeds in capturing the look and feel of the Avengers movie. With the main cast of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Hulk; the show even gives us the same superheroes to root for. The one new addition is Falcon. His inclusion on the team felt a little forced in the beginning, but his character quickly grew on me and by the fourth episode he had become a great addition to the team. The two other queues that Assemble took from the Avengers, was its sense of humor and its fantastic action sequences. These similarities is what really allows Assemble to shine. The humor is present throughout each episode, but the writers do a great job of never allowing the story to become one big joke fest, (cough…Ultimate Spiderman…cough). The banter between Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor in particular is downright hysterical, and Victor Von Doom almost had me in tears in the fourth episode. Some instant classic stuff.

The best aspect of the show though is it’s fantastic action sequences. Avengers Assemble takes a much more stylized, cinematic approach to how it showcases it’s action than it did in Avengers: EMH. This new direction really gives Assemble a boost over its predecessor and makes each episode feel like big event television. One of the great new visuals is the full-screen to wide-screen changes in the middle of a sequence, this really gives the action a very dramatic feeling and does a great job of drawing you into the scene. I also very much liked how the show used split-screens to showcase multiple aspects of a single fight scene. Besides being a cool way to show a lot of characters fighting at the same time, it also creates a great comic book paneling effect that is a fun reminder of where Avengers came from in the first place, comics.

As good as this new Avengers show is, it did start a little rough. The two episode premiere is by far the weakest of new episodes. The humor felt forced at times and the characters seemed to not really like each other very much. The biggest issue for me was that the show started off with the Avengers broken up without any explanation why. With so much of the premiere’s plot centered around this event, it’d been nice if they would’ve at least told us what had happened. It was a confusing entry point for any fan who was thought this was a follow up to either the movie or EMH. Luckily the confusion doesn’t last to long and by the end of the premiere Assemble does a good job of establishing what we can expect going forward

Marvels Avengers Assemble is a great entry in the Marvel cartoon universe. It does a great job of blending the hit movie with stylish animation, fun humor, and good writing. Marvel has created a flag ship hit that can be the cornerstone of future Marvel animated cartoons. Whether you’re a comic reader, a fan of the movie, loved Avengers: EMH, or a dad like me who just wants to watch a fun superhero show with his young kids; Avengers Assemble is the show for you.

Avengers Assemble gets 9 Serpent riding Doom’s outta 10

Bonus Read!!!!!

Being the new guy at WPR, I came a little late to the Avengers Assemble review party. That said, I wanted to make sure anyone who didn’t have the ability to watch the first four episodes had at least a cliff notes recap of all previous episodes. Enjoy.

Episode 1. Avengers Protocol part 1.
Avengers dissembled. Tony Stark is watching you!! Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. killed Capt. America. Avengers Assemble. Capt America is Alive!!…but red skull stole his body. Hulk Smashes!! Iron Man saves the day, but lost his armor, and is dying. Least Capt. America got his body back.

Episode 2. Avengers Protocol part 2.
Race to the mansion to save Tony Stark. Iron man lives, gets new armor, then disassembles the Avengers….again. M.O.D.O.K.’s mind altering microbots. Avenger Vs Avenger. Hulk Smashes!! Red Skull blows up the mansion. Avengers Reassemble!!!…again, then move to Stark tower.

Episode 3. Ghost of a Chance
Meet Falcon, he’s the new guy. What a nice new tower the Avengers live in. Dark matter body stealing space phantoms!! Hulk smashes!!!!…falcon? Avengers bodies stolen. Falcon saves the day. Hooray for the new guy!!

Episode 4. The Serpent of Doom
Thor, son of Asgard!!! Victor Von Doom and Doom Dogs!! Doom steals a Asgardian ax and summons the mid-guard serpent that will destroy the world. Hulk smashes!! Doom rides the serpent. Thor knocks Doom and the serpent into the underworld.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble airs on DisneyXD Sundays Mornings at 8

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