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Avengers Assemble “Hyperion” Review

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The Avengers vs…… Superman?
If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Superman dressed like Shazam, let all his power go to his head, and decided to fly over to Marvel and take on the Avengers; then this week’s episode is the one you’ve been waiting for. Hyperion is the villain of the week for this go around, and he’s got a lot in common with the Man of Steel. He has the same powers, but is much more of a dictator than protector. Fortunately for us, he’s also just what the Avengers needed to get the show back on track. After last weeks disappointing “Super Adaptiod”, Assemble gives us a much better, action oriented episode with “Hyperion”.

The action starts early when asteroids start falling on Manhattan. The Avengers quickly destroy most of them in a nice display of their individual powers. However, when a giant “earth killer” sized asteroid appears, they quickly realize they don’t have enough power to destroy it. I guess giant asteroids are the Avengers greatest weakness, lets hope super villains never acquire that little piece of information. Lucky for the Avengers, Superman….uh I mean Hyperion, shows up just in time to save the day. But despite his early acts of heroism, Hyperion turns out to be quite the power crazed manic. Now its up to the Avengers to stop him before he destroys the planet.
This was a good week for Avengers Assemble. The episodes that tend to work best are the one’s that are able to mimic the feel of the Avengers movie. “Hyperion” was one of those episodes. Like the movie, it focused much more on team oriented fighting, which lead to some of the better action sequences we’ve seen on the show. The jokes were also back to their usual quality. Having Hawkeye constantly getting winked at was funny, but watching Stark have to pay every time Thor smashed something at a restaurant, had me dying. It was also nice to have J. Jonah Jameson and the Wrecker show up. While there still appears to be no full fledged guest appearances in sight, any time we get see Avengers Assemble expand into more of the Marvel universe, its a good thing

The only issue I had was that for the second week in a row, a really powerful villain was dispatched rather easy. Hyperion spent the first half of the episode slapping around the Avengers, only to be quickly defeated with a super powered sucker punch at the end. I wish there was more of a plan to stop villains than just to keep beating on them till they go down. It was a real let down, especially when the rest of the episode was so good. Hopefully going forward, the writers put a little more thought into how to defeat bad guys.
Avengers Assemble GP
“Hyperion” was a good stand alone episode. It was a much better entry for Avengers Assemble than last weeks “Super Adaptiod”. Giving the Avengers a super powered villain with the power to destroy a planet was just what the doctor ordered. It brought the team together and injected some real fun back into Assemble. Aside from a seriously anticlimactic ending, the story was good, the humor was much better, and the action might have been this seasons best.

I give “Hyperion” 8/10 winks at Hawkeye

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