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Avengers Assemble “Depth Charge” Episode Review

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Watch out!! Big green rage monster coming through…..
Avengers Assemble decides to try its hand at slapstick, as it returns from it’s month long hiatus with a fun, over the top, episode that feels like its straight out of the 80’s. This time around, the Avengers face off against Attuma and his Atlantean army, all while dealing with a very emotional Hulk. With bad guys who are evil for no reason, cheesy one liners, plots to destroy cites, and action that defies all sense of reality; “Depth Charge” might be the dumbest episode so far this season. It also might be the funnest.

“Depth Charge” starts out very Pacific Rim like, with a giant monster rampaging its way through Manhattan. The Avengers respond with their very own rampaging monster, the Hulk; who seems to be having a rather rough day. After finding the Avenger’s refrigerator empty, and with no hope of having breakfast, the Hulk is ready to do some smashing. Soon the team realizes that the Kaiju is the least of their problems when Attuma the Atlantean Warlord shows up with one purpose in mind, to sink Manhattan. Luckily, Iron Man has a new set of armor that might help, special underwater armor code named: Rubber Ducky. But Attuma has also brought his army of Atlantean fish bad guys, and it might take more than Rubber Ducky’s got to stop them. The Avengers will have to work together to defeat this seeming unstoppable water warlord, and to do that they might need to give the Hulk one big group hug.

There was a lot about “Depth Charge” that wasn’t great. The animation has had better moments. Some of the fight scenes between Attuma and Hulk were down right bad. There was no movement in the over-arching Red Skull Cabal storyline. At this point I’m starting to wonder if this Cabal is really even going to happen this season. Black Widow is also once again absent from the team. Its a shame that the writers leave her out so often, most the episodes she’s in tend to be the strongest. avengers-attumaThere is also no given reason that Attuma is there to destroy Manhattan, other than he just wants too. As I watched, I kept waiting for him to yell out “I’m here to sink the city because I’m evil”. I’m all for a shallow two-dimensional villain from time to time, but a little back story would’ve created some good drama to an episode that had none. Luckily none of these shortcomings were enough to sink the episode, but hopefully some of these recurring issues get fixed. There wont always be a Rubber Ducky, or a big green rage monster to save the day.

Even with all its problems, this might have been my favorite episode so far this season. The action was fantastic. The whole episode seem to mimic the epic end of “The Avengers” movie. Every couple seconds someone was getting punched in the face. The best part of the action was how over the top it was. When someone got punched, they would literally fly across the city. It seriously made me laugh every time. The humor was also at top form. All the jokes were perfectly timed, and the delivery was just as good. I honestly don’t think I stopped chuckling till the credits started rolling. The best part of the episode for me though was the Hulk. Everything he did revolved around smashing something, or someone. It made for some really funny moments. The Hulk has been mostly an enforcer on Assemble, it was awesome to see him decide to stop taking orders and just be completely out of control. On a side note, it was cool to see Hulk tap into another level of rage to make him stronger. Being that the side effect of that was to also make him regress mentally, I wonder if this is just a set up for a possible Avengers vs Hulk storyline in the future?

I probably shouldn’t have like this episode. If I had to put on my WPR official critic fedora that we are all given upon hire, I would have to point out that all the problems with the story and the villain are more than the jokes and the punches could overcome. I would have to rate this episode low and hope that next week was better. Luckily I left that dirty old hat in the closet and i can say what I want. Sometimes things don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. I laughed the whole time I watched “Depth Charge”. The action held my attention and it kept the episode moving at a great pace. But best of all, the down right silliness took me back to the cartoons I watched as a child, and for a half an hour I got to just be a kid again. It was a fun reminder that not every episode has to be serious to be good. This weeks Avengers Assemble succeeded in the one thing that is most important in a television show, it entertained.

I give “Depth Charge” 8/10 reasons that cartoons from the 80’s were awesome.

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