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Avengers Assemble “Blood Feud” Review

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Avengers vs Vampires, and the mystery of Hulk’s missing peanut butter.


This weeks “Blood Feud” gets the Avengers away from their normal brand of earth saving and takes them on a much more supernatural adventure. The team finds out if the legends are true when they square off with this episodes villain of the week; Dracula. We are also treated to the who done it mystery of the stolen peanut butter. Ok, its less of a mystery than an episode long joke. We learn pretty quickly that Hawkeye is behind the theft, but the setup and follow through at the end of “Blood Feud” is pretty damn funny. Mainly though, the Avengers get to beat down vampires, which is always fun.
The episode starts with ninjas invading Stark Tower looking for Capt. America. The Avengers soon learn that these are not ordinary ninjas, but ninja vampires, lead by the newly turned vampire, Black Widow. Apparently Capt America has a history with vampires and even fought beside the one and only Dracula during WW2. But now Dracula has turned Black Widow into one of the living dead in an effort to lure the good Capt. to Transylvania. It seems Dracula wants Capt. America and is willing to trade Black Widow’s life for his. The Avengers won’t stand for that, so of course they take a trip to Dracula’s palace. After failing to reason with Dracula, they are quickly ambushed by vampires. From there Iron Man uses science to explain vampires, Capt. America is almost eaten by Dracula, Thor calls the thunder, Hawkeye confesses to stealing the peanut butter, Hulk smashes, and then gets turned into a hulk vampire. Pretty normal day for a member of the Avengers.

Its becoming apparent that Assemble is really committed to sticking to the show’s main heroes. This episode would’ve been a great place to have a guest appearance by Blade, Frankenstein, or one of the many other supernatural heroes that Marvel has created over the years. It’s starting to look like the number of special guests this season will be very limited. In the first five episodes, only Nick Fury and J. Jonah Jameson have had air time, and those were more cameo appearances then actual roles. I do like having a strong focus on the core Avengers, but it would be nice to get one of the many heroes out there involved from time to time.

Despite this not being your average adventure for the Avengers, there was some good development in the overarching storyline. It’s becoming clear that red skull will be the main villain for this entire season. After last weeks failure to recruit Doom to his super villain version of the Avengers, his Cabal, I wondered if a bad guy team up was really gonna be a major story line. With Dracula now on board all signs point toward this Cabal actually happening. It appears that a major superhero showdown is where this season is headed. This should help create some season long anticipation. Villain of the week stories only goes so far, and with Assemble seeming to not want to bring in more characters there needs to be a good season long arch that can keep the show moving. There also seems to be a concerted effort to make all forms of magic explainable by tech each week. Not sure if this is leading to a new story, or if Marvel is just trying to make it easier to understand it’s heroes and villains. But it’s a recurring theme, so it’s worth keeping an eye on in future episodes.

While it seemed a little strange for the Avengers to venture into such unusual story territory so early in the season, “Blood Feud” was a pretty entertaining episode. It had some fun moments and more of the good humor that has become a staple of this show. Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye in particular, have become really fun to watch together. With the writers doing a great job setting up their jokes and giving them episode long punch lines, I can’t wait to see whats next for those three Avengers. Overall is was another strong episode for a show that has quickly become one of my favorites to watch each week.

“Blood Feud” gets a 7.5 outta 10 peanut butter stealing hawkeyes

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