Ryan Thomason

Avatar(d) 2 is Going to be Deep, Maaaaaaan

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And I’m not talking about tentacle on tentacle blue alien deep either.

In order to get his cast more “In touch” with the rain forest people, James Cameron has said that he’s going to take this new approach with the cast of the sequel to the gillion dollar blockbuster Avatar. This is all because of how inspired he has been while he’s hanging out in Brazil, laying on piles of money that were freshly cut from the Amazonian Rain Forest.

“‘Avatar’ is a film about the rain forest and its indigenous people. Before I start to shoot the two films, I want to bring my actors here [to Brazil], so I can better tell this story. Actors could learn about the natives and what real life in the jungle is like.”

$50 it takes Michelle Rodriguez only 2 days before she punches a native in the face.

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