Alan Smithee

Avatar Press and BOOM! Studios Join Forces

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Direct sale juggernaut Avatar Press, home of such ace comics as Neonomicon, Crossed, and Night of the Living Dead, has announced that they have signed an agreement to have BOOM! Studios handle their distribution throughout North America.

Distribution in the United States will be handled through BOOM!’s already established relationship with Simon & Schuster, while Canada will be handled through their HarperCollins Canada connection. This is great news for both companies because it not only guarantees a wider market for the Avatar Press books, but also helps BOOM! Studios round out their already impressive catalog without damaging any sales on already existing BOOM! comics.

This might mean more to the comic book shop owners, but we think it’s good news for all comic fans because it means that Avatar Press books will be easier to obtain at more locations, which is always a plus in my book.

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