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Avatar Prequel Novel in the Works

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If you hate my screenplays, just wait until you read my novel. I'm swimmin' in gold bitches!

If you’re one of the fans of the Avatar universe (like me) news like this is exciting. Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar, revealed in an interview that James Cameron is planning on writing a prequel book to help answer some of the more nagging plot-holes and questions that, at least some of us, would like to know the answer to.

Questions such as, why is Jake in a wheelchair, what happened to his brother, what did Jake mean when he said that the Earth had no green anymore, why was Grace shunned by the Na’vi, was Colonel Quaritch always an asshole? You know…the simple things that they couldn’t get all out of the way in a near 3 hour epic film.

Considering I’m the guy who buys Halo books and Mass Effect books…I’m more than likely to pick up this as well. There’s nothing wrong with reading trashy pulp books…hey at least I’m reading, right?

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