Alan Smithee

Avatar Beats Titanic’s Ass

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Avatar - exploiting the natives of Pandora to the excess of 1.84 billion dollars since 2009!

Well if you haven’t heard by now…yesterday, Avatar made the final $2,000,000 needed (no thanks to me going to see it for a second time) to surpass the other Cameron movie that has held the crown for waaay too long, Titanic. Geeks around the world rejoyce, we finally have a sci-fi movie in the #1 spot instead of some mopey boat movie.

Don’t get me wrong, Titanic had some awesome scenes, but most of those happened only when the ship hit the iceberg. Ask any guy who saw the movie and they’ll always recall the scene where homeboy is falling off the ship and he hits a propeller and starts to flip and tumble through the air.

Back to the topic at hand, Avatar now sits at a combined $1,843,802,321 from both international and US markets (only $45,000,000 from the US surprisingly) and is quickly encroaching on the $2 billion mark. Sure, a good chunk of that may be from increased ticket prices from going to see it in IMAX, but honestly the best way to see this movie is in its full 3D glory on a screen taller than most people’s houses.

No matter how you slice it, the movie is really kicking ass in the theatres. Hell, I want to go see it for a 3rd time!

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