Attention Celebrities: STOP DYING!

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I know I’m not going to win any medals for taking this stance, but look. You celebrities really need to cut this dying shit out. At first it wasn’t a big deal. Old man McMahon was 86, and Farrah Fawcett had been battling cancer for years. Not to say either of those deaths weren’t tragic, as they both were, but they were both at least understandable. Then Thursday things started to get wacky when Michael Jackson died from a heart attack, and now Billy Mays dies today from unknown causes. What the fuck?

I know it’s not the celebrities’ fault that they are dying, but they really need to understand their greater responsibility. When you are a celebrity, you are a role model, people look up to you. So what kind of a message does that send when you start dying in droves? That it’s OK to die? That it’s “hip” to die, that all the cool people are doing it? That is unacceptable, and the rest of you celebrities need to think about the big picture next time you think about biting the bullet.

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