Ryan Thomason

Attack The Block Redband Trailer!

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Yay, trailers for mature audiences, more importantly. HOLY SHIT, why haven’t we been talking about this movie already? This is from the producers of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’, Joe Cornish directed it dammit. Basically I’ll just say, Teen Gang in London and Alien invasions. See, you want to watch it already, just watch the trailer all the way to the end, it’s good, I promise. From what I can tell in my brief research this movie came out over the pond in early May, and will have a limited US release July 29th. So check you local theaters and see if anybody is going to be playing it, it looks like a damn good movie and I’m sad that it isn’t getting more attention. Here’s hoping we can help spread the word!

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