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Attack on Titan: Brutally Awesome

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Attack on Titan is a fantastic read, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan
Written: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: Kodansha Comics USA
Volumes: 13 (so far)

Get started with Attack On Titan Before The Fall GN Vol. 01 or just  jump in with Attack On Titan Colossal Ed TPB Vol. 01.

One hundred years ago the human population was decimated by the appearance of Titans. Huge humanoid-like creatures that could swallow a person whole, if that person were lucky, and nearly wiped out the human race. Those humans that survived fled and formed a country protected by three massive walls.  For a century, they lived in peace. That is until the Colossal Titan arrived. A Titan so massive and so strong, that the wall that had held back the Titans for a hundred years was breached in just a matter of moments. Eren Yeager was just a young boy when he witnessed the deconstruction of humanity’s last hope of survival against these terrible monsters.

Pledging revenge after his mother devoured by one of the many Titans who came in through the breached wall, Eren enlists in the military. Joined by his adoptive sister, Mikaska, and his best friend, Armin, they complete their training, during which they meet friends and comrades who accompany them through out the story. After graduation the new recruits are giving a simple task atop the second wall, the only thing keeping Titans from humanity since the breach in the main wall. A simple if not boring job until, the Colossal Titan returns. The Colossal Titan, along with another special type of Titan, named the Armored Titan, breach the second wall just as easily as the first. The fresh and eager recruits dive into action, taking down as many Titans as they can as civilians flee to the third and final wall of protection. During this battle Eren discovers he can transform into a Titan as well, can he help change humanities fate or will humanity turn on him?

The second attack from the Colossal Titan seemed to be the turning point for this manga for me. Up until now it seemed like a typical action manga, fun and interesting character interactions but nothing that really blew your mind. Following Eren’s transformation, however the whole vibe of the manga changes. The violence is increased almost tenfold as what seem to be main characters are eaten by the terrible Titans in just a span of just a few pages. Gone is the innocent and naive young men and women who we watched go through basic military training in the first few chapters. The reality of dealing with these monsters is thrust onto these very young, very inexperienced soldiers very quickly as they watch comrades being literally ripped in half and devoured by these giant terrible creatures.

Attack on Titan is so full of surprising plot twists that sometimes you just need to step away from the book and take it all in. Paired with the liberal use of violence and gore this manga can get pretty intense but keeps you itching to find out what happens next. Character development is just dripping from this story as well, characters you might not have liked the most become your new favorite and with each battle you silently hope they won’t become just another blood smear. A  good manga series for the manga fan who is tired of the more G-rated predictable series. With 13 volumes and more to come, catch up on Attack on Titan today and see if humanity can continue it’s survival!

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