Alan Smithee

AT&T are a Bunch of Dicks

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short answer, yes it will blend

(This doesn’t really effect me as I don’t own an iPad, but for the sake of calling out AT&T for pulling dick move, I feel that everyone should know about this.)

You remember that mythical time of oh…a few months ago when Apple finally launched the iPad and they included price plans for both wi-fi and 3G enabled hardware? You know, the 3G iPads that could act as a psuedo Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy if you were within cell phone range?

Well AT&T have taken a huge step back from the ledge of allowing unlimited 3G data and have decided to cap it at 2GB a month…with the bright side of only charging you $25 instead of the $30 they do right now.

If you already have the unlimited 3G plan, quit worrying, you’re grandfathered in to keeping it the way it is. It’s guys like me that are thinking of getting an iPad that are getting fucked out of a deal. First off, let me say I already pay for an unlimited plan with my iPhone, I’m not about to get another one for the iPad…but there are people who are looking at getting an iPad as a way of getting internet access at home for cheap.

Personally if and when I get one, I’ll be using it over wi-fi and probably mostly for book reading, surfing, and games…not as a file server or anything of the sort, but this is a real dick move AT&T.

Then again, I think if you tried to download a 2GB file over 3G, it’d take about a month, so you might just be ok.


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