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Atomic Robo: Volume 5 – Comic Review

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What happens when you take a snarky, nearly indestructible robot that was created by Nikola Tesla and do an Origin story? A damn good comic, that’s what.

Atomic Robo, Volume 5: Deadly Art of Science
Writer: Brian Clevinger
Artist: Scott Wegener
Publisher: Red 5 Comics

Atomic Robo is a comic book that gained entrance into my household last year through Free Comic Book day. Lincoln had recently turned 4 and he instantly snatched up the FCBD version of Atomic Robo. At first I was just telling him what happened in the panels, he loved all of it. As he got older I started telling him what the characters were saying, but in a way he could understand it, he loved all of it. So, as that FCBD Atomic Robo started to get more and more beat up, slightly torn, the only comic book to survive a young child’s destruction. I read him what everyone was really saying., he loved all of it Then he asked me where Atomic Robo came from, so after a little research Atomic Robo has 7 volumes of comics, each a separate story arc in itself so you don’t have to go in any order. After talking to the creators of the comic book, Brian Clevinger (writer) and Scott Wegener (artist) they kindly gifted me the 5th volume, the closest to an Origin story as you can get with their creation.

First, let me talk about Atomic Robo himself. He’s. Atomic Robo. Really, I want to draw parallels here, but I don’t think it does him justice. He’s a big glowy eyed robot with an incredibly sassy and snarky sense of humor that almost anybody can relate to. He’s like that guy you hung out with because you know that you would have a great time, possibly get into trouble, but it would all be worth it in the end.

So, when Robo meets Jack Tarot (vigilante crime fighter) after ditching Tesla’s laboratory one night, following Tarot to his secret hideout, OPENING the sliding secret doors by just lifting them and announcing himself it’s just gets more fun, more hilarious, more…awkward Robo love moments that make the character so loveable. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to find out. I don’t want to give away the story, the story itself had me grinning the whole time and held Lincoln to his seat as I read it to him. Yes, it kept a 4 year old still, it’s worth it for that alone. If you want a hint as to why exactly you should be reading I’ll just say this, you know the currently hoopla on the Internet about Tesla, how awesome he is, and how a certain other famous inventor can suck it? Your Welcome.

Judge for yourself: COMIXOLOGY

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