Alan Smithee

Atomic Games DOA

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team america fuck yeah

Yeah…this is a great example of what happens when you try to make a balanced game that depicts both sides of a conflict, and actually forces you to think of your enemy of something more than just ‘nameless terrorist #6″, you get fired.

All because of Six Days in Fallujah not getting funded, the guys at Atomic Games have had to lay off everyone from their staff save for a near dozen at its North Carolina office.

According to an ‘unnamed source’ at IndustryGamers, the firm is “pretty much dead”. It’s too bad, I was actually saddened when I found out that SDiF didn’t get its funding and was cancelled after the firm stirred public opinion by telling the ‘insurgent’ side of the story of what transpired. It’s ok, we’ll all go back to thinking that we’re always in the right and back to FPSs that don’t make you think.

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