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Atlus Finally Gives Us a Glimpse of Catherine

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If you’re like me, the moment you heard about Atlus’ first developed title for the current generation of consoles, the wallet came right out. Despite having only a name, a brief description, and a handful of screenshots, I knew I had to have it. Today, we bring you the much anticipated first glimpse of actual gameplay, and it’s infinitely better than I expected!

Developed by the critically acclaimed team behind the Persona series, Catherine is a action/adventure titled centered around a man named Vincent, who finds himself caught in a love triangle with his fiancée Katherine and a young attractive bar fling, Catherine. While this is going on, there are people all over town strangely dying in their sleep. After his fling, Vincent finds himself having nightmares night after night, and must fight to not become another name on the obituary pages.

Catherine comes out February 17th in Japan for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A North American and European release date has yet to be announced. For those who wish to import, be warned: while the PlayStation 3 version has no region protection, the Xbox 360 version will require a Japanese Xbox 360 to play.

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