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At All Costs, Falling Skies – Review

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In At All Costs things are ramping up rather quickly.

At all costs

I’ll try to keep this short and simple to not fully spoil anything within this episode. Some interesting new developments and we’re starting to see to what extent the Espheni espionage is shaping up to.

There are some four major pieces moving around in this episode. First, Tom decides to meet up with the “President” (Brad Kelly), who is not quite his doppledanger. I alright like this new president better because, well, Saul is his General. Ok, well not Saul, but Michael Hogan. Damn, I miss seeing him in a military uniform yelling at people. That’s a thing to miss, right? Where was I? Yes, Tom has a meeting with his opposite commanding chief, takes Cochise with him and everyone holds hands while skipping through fields of flowers.

What. That’s exactly what happened.

Ok, you caught my bluff. We do learn exactly why Cochise and the Volm are liberating planets from the Espheni. Is it true? Is it all a ruse? I think it’s sincere, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Meanwhile, it seems that Ben and his little gang of friends that still have spikes in their backs are faced with an option. They can live with the spikes and all the enhancements/negative aspects. Or, have them removed. We get a lot of Ben talking to his little friend about normality and what it means to have the spikes in them, the opportunities, etc, etc. It’s an interesting story that is worth thinking about it. Would you remove the spikes and go back to being “normal”? I sure as hell wouldn’t. That’s me though.

Hal. Oh, Hal. It’s too easy to cast Hal off as a whiner, when he’s got both Maggie and Karen pining for him. Yeah, one might be the new overlord of the Espheni but, still, there are…benefits? Hal is essentially losing himself, he can’t decide where he stands and if he is even in control of his actions. If he can’t get his act together soon, it would rapidly spiral downward for people in Charleston.

Speaking of rapid downward spirals. Anne gets the “Damn.” mutterings this episode. Creepy baby, sure is creepy.

Make sure you tune in for this episode, Sunday, June 24th on TNT.

This episode was supplied in advance by TNT

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