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Arrow’s “Suicide Squad” Preview is Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Go

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Welcome to the Suicide Squad……
There might have been no new Arrow episode this week, but fear not!!! We at WPR would never allow our faithful readers to go long without seeing at least a preview of what’s in store next for our favorite green hooded hero. Besides that, I’m still jacked up from last week’s absolutely fantastic “The Promise”, and I couldn’t wait a whole week to talk about what’s on deck for Arrow even if I wanted to. The next new episode is called “Suicide Squad” (I’ll let you guess what it’s about) and it’s looks seriously action-packed. Deathstroke is now on the loose, and Oliver is going to need the help of a team that can fight fire with fire if he wants to survive. The Arrow writers have been laying the groundwork for this episode since the third week of season one, so my guess is that “Suicide Squad” is going to be the definition of much watch television. Plus I keep hearing that a certain Clown Prince of Gotham’s girlfriend might be making an appearance, and that my friend, would definitely be worth the price of admission. Also, if you’d like a more in-depth look at the upcoming episode, check out the detailed synopsis and episode pictures we posted earlier this month

“Suicide Squad” airs Wednesday, March 19th

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