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Arrow “Time Of Death” Episode Review

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Do you know what time it is? I’m late for a handshake…..
Blind Spot
Spoilers Ahead….You’ve Been Warned….

Team Arrow is back from their Winter Olympic break, and they’ve arrived just in time to save us from television boredom. Seriously, aside from Hockey, does anyone even care about the Olympic winter sports? I know I don’t if it means having to wait weeks to watch my favorite show, I mean honestly, Arrow or Curling? Which sounds like a better option for a Wednesday night? I rest my case. That said, the clock is ticking away so that is probably a discussion better left for another day. Besides, we have a schedule to keep and we don’t want to be late, because the Clock King’s time on Arrow has come. OK, so maybe my time references are a bit much, but this weeks “Time of Death” was so good that time really did just fly by. Alright, that really was the last one, I promise…….maybe.

Much like “Heir to the Demon”, this weeks “Time of Death” was another great villain of the week story that succeeded because it didn’t just give us a throw away bad guy. William Tockman got the call this week, and he didn’t disappoint. Tockman is known in the comics as the Clock King, a villain obsessed with clocks and time. Arrow stuck pretty close to Tockman’s comic roots with one difference, he now also has a degree in computer science, which he uses to make himself quite the hacker. This actually works well for the episode and has the fun side effect of finally giving Felicity a nemesis that she can match her computer skills against(more on that in a minute). Overall, the writers did a pretty good job of fleshing out the character, plus Robert Knepper really shined playing the slightly crazy Clock King. With the Suicide Squad set to debut soon, hopefully it means we’ll see more of Tockman in the future, given his ties to the Squad. Either way, with Arrow’s bad habit of giving us less than stellar weekly villains, these back-to-back quality bad guys are a step in the right direction towards fixing this shows only major flaw.
This was also a strong week for Felicity. She has always been one of the bright spots on the show, but her character hasn’t had to really try too hard or get her hands that dirty, to be good at her job. I really liked seeing her struggle against the Clock King. Felicity has almost always been the smartest person on the show, and seeing her have to work to overcome an enemy as smart as she is showed a whole new side to her, and gave an already great character more to like. Besides just having to deal with Tockman, Felicity also had some personal insecurities to work out. With Canary joining Team Arrow, you could sense a level of uncertainty Felicity about her role on the team. She was always the go to girl, and it was fun watching her handle a little friendly competition, even go so far as to catch a bullet to get her own scar. So maybe she didn’t plan on getting shot, but Diggle giving her “aspirin” for the pain was priceless. I also loved the final scene of Oliver confirming to Felicity that she will always be his girl, it showed how important she is to him and the team, and besides that, it is was a really heartfelt moment.
Time of Death
The other big story this week was we finally saw the Lance family drama boil over. For better or worse, there has been a season long emotional buildup between just about all members of the Lance family, and we all knew at some point this power keg was going to explode. Guess all it took was a family dinner with Oliver included to finally light that match. With Sara and Oliver officially back together, we all knew that Laurel was gonna finally lose it when she found out, so it was hard to blame her for her reaction when she did. That said, I almost yelled “FINALLY!!” when Oliver gave Laurel the cold slap of truth after her dinner meltdown. With all their history, Oliver was always going to have to be the one to get through to Laurel, and his simple revelation of how much he has loved her but he was no longer gonna let her blame him for all her bad decisions was perfect. It was the best scene those two might have had together on the show, and it looks like it might be just what Laurel needed to end her path of self destruction. Hopefully Laurel mending things with her sister, and finally showing up at Quentin’s AA meeting will be the start of better things for her character, and possibly the end of all that Lance family drama. I know I’m ready to move on, besides, I think the Queen’s got some family issues ready to keep us busy for a while.

The last few things worth mentioning are a little bit of a mix bag, and represent both the high and lows of “Time of Death”. The first being that for the second straight episode, the flashbacks are the worst part of the story. Time of Death This week they were almost meaningless, their only real function was to tell the back story of my least favorite character on the show, Sin. Yup, cause I know we all were dying to know why Canary was connected to Sin. Maybe there will be some big important revelation about her at some point, but right now I have no idea why she is even on the show. But enough about the bad, there are some big things to discuss. The first is that for a second time now, Arrow has shown Kord Enterprise. Is Ted Kord a.k.a. The Blue Beetle making his way to the show? The writers never seem to do anything without a plan, and I’m wondering if we are seeing the foundation being laid for yet another DC superhero to make his way onto Arrow. The other big thing was a whopper……yup, Arrow officially has ties to the classic film, Batman and Robin. That’s right, Tockman’s sister was sick with MacGregor’sSyndrome, the same one that Alfred was dying of in the movie. Like I said, huge deal. It’s good to know that these two share the same universe, I can now rest easy.

So that was pretty much it, “Time of Death” was your typical great episode of Arrow. We got to see Felicity shine against a really good villain, in a bad guy of the week type storyline. Plus most of the Lance family got to work their problems out, which gave Stephen Amell a chance to do one of his best scenes this season. And oh ya, I almost forgot, one more thing….the handshake. You didn’t think I’d really forget about that did you. We got to see the greatest, most tense, moment yet when Slade decided to finally reveal himself to Oliver, ending in what might be the best handshake in history. I literally wrote HOLY SH*T in my notes, in caps, it was that awesome. This was a great episode that, even without that ending, was just as good as the rest of this season has been. But add in the way it ended, and with the anticipation now built for this week’s “The Promise”, I actually had to watch it again before I could even write this review. Deathstroke is finally here, and he’s coming for blood. Wednesday can’t be here fast enough

I give “Time of Death” 9.25/10 reasons why you can’t be late for the next episode of Arrow.

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