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Arrow “State v. Queen” Episode Review

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You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth……
Spoilers Ahead….you’ve been warned….

This week Arrow decides to try its hand at court room/crime drama with is own version of Law and Order: Starling City, which of course on Arrow means less about the law and more about breaking it. This rivetingly court room drama had four villain appearances, a major secret revealed, people coming back from the dead, drug addicted lawyers, arrows getting shot into people’s chests, and of course a S.T.A.R Labs particle accelerator reference (at this point they might as well call it the Flash maker machine). “State v. Queen” is another great episode that wraps up one not so great storyline with a couple of huge revelations, and brings backs one of the only villains from the past that managed to not get an arrow in the chest during Oliver’s season one killing spree.

Well I’m glad that farce of a trial is over. The Moira Queen murder trial has been a major plot line that I have purposely tried to avoid talking about this year. It just never really seemed like it was ever going to end any other way than Moira being found not guilty. I understand why the writers had to have a trial, there had to be some fallout from Moira confessing on live TV last year, but the drama of her being in jail and tried for murder just never really worked. Arrow has thrown more than a few curve-balls this season, and having Moira suffer some real consequences for her part in the Glades destruction could have been a real interesting possibility, but the moment the District Attorney went for the death penalty it killed any chance of Moira losing this case. The writers were never going to kill Moira Queen, at least not in a electric chair. Like I said, it always felt like Moira was going to be found not guilty, and since that’s exactly what happened I’m glad Arrow has finally rested it’s case on this whole storyline. arrow-john-barrowman-in-una-scena-dell-episodio-della-stagione-2-state-v-queen-293425 There were however two things that came out of the trial that will have a HUGE impact on the rest of this season The first is that Moira had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn and that Thea is his daughter, the second is that that the Malcolm Merlyn is still alive and responsible for Moira’s freedom.

Malcolm Merlyn is back!!! When the League of Assassins showed up a few episodes back and started throwing around Ra’s al Ghul’s name, I started to wonder if this was going to lead to a resurrection of the Dark Arrow. With his attachment to the League and the fact that he has always been a major villain of Oliver’s in the comics, it made a lot of sense that he would be back. The interesting question now is why and for how long? With John Barrowman only slated for two episodes this season, what will his return will mean for the long term future of his character. He clearly still has an agenda with Moira, other than discussing a parenting plan for Thea (more on that in a sec), and I wonder how much more Moira Queen isn’t telling everyone. One thing I am very much starting to wonder is if his return is just a precursor to Tommy coming back. Now that we know cheating death is on the table for Arrow, it would a shame to waste the twist of bringing Tommy back to life as the new Merlyn. It wouldn’t be hard to have Tommy resurrected and trained by the League, who then could take over for his father as the Dark Archer. Either way, I’m sure Malcolm’s return will have big repercussions this season.

Oh Count Vertigo I didn’t realize how much I’d missed you, the crazy one liners alone made you one of the more entertaining villains this year. m_arrow_the_count_vertigo_gabelOther than the Dollmaker (who had a nice little cameo scene that tied up the loose end of how he escaped from prison), season two hasn’t had many great weekly villains. Arrow has always focused more on creating really good main villains than it has on it’s more throw away bad guys. I’m glad they dusted the Count off of last years scrap heap and made him a much funner bad guy his second go around. His crazy scheme to swap out flu shots with Vertigo to turn everyone into drug addicts that could only have their withdrawals cured by his drug Vertigo, was genius and seemed right out of a comic. He was so much fun to watch this week that it was a shame that in the end he had to die. In a way it was fitting that the Count ended up being the first person Oliver had to break his vow of no killing on, considering the Count was one of the few people he spared from last season. Count Vertigo was the first person to figure out who Oliver was and put the people he cared about in danger to draw him out. It was the first time the Arrow was put in a situation where he had to choose to kill or lose a friend, and I liked how quickly Ollie put aside his no killing mantra when it came time to save Felicity. But for now it unfortunately means that Count Vertigo is the second of this seasons best villains to bite the dust (the other being the Dollmaker). Lets hope that these two will become the standard of weekly bad guys going forward, or maybe they’ll just come back to life now that Arrow is embracing the comic tradition of characters not staying dead.

There were of course a few other things worth talking about from this episode. The biggest has got to be that Thea is Merlyn’s daughter. Wow, definitely didn’t see that one coming. How creepy was all that season one stuff of her being in love with Tommy seem now. Luke and Leia all over again. Creepy brother and sister love. Is-Slade-Deathstroke-ArrowI don’t know where this new Thea storyline is headed, but I’m sure its gonna have a big impact on this season. I liked that Brother Blood was the one behind Count Vertigo. Even more, I liked that he wanted the Count to kill the Arrow but instead Vertigo decide to hatch his own evil scheme. Villains betraying villains is one of the best parts of comics, and I hope they continue to do this on Arrow, it’s always fun watching bad guys screw each other over. There was also decent flashback stuff, as usual. With Slade starting to look like he’s knocking on death’s door, I’m starting to believe the Miraclo serum everyone is looking for is going to be what saves Slade and ultimately changes him to Deathstroke. The Deathstroke foreshadowing was a nice touch with half of Slade’s face covered in mud. Personally I cant wait till Slade goes full villain, he could end up being the best bad guy on the show. Lastly, Oliver and Felicity continue to have sparks flying between the two of them. I’m not sure where the writers are going with this, but they are definitely setting up something. I just hope things work out better for Felicity than it has for all the other girls who have loved Oliver Queen.

This was another fun week of Arrow. “State v. Queen” kept the plot twists coming with the usual weekly big reveals. Plus there were crazy over the top villains, court room drama, and Malcolm Merlyn’s triumphant return to the show. All in all, this was just one more great episode in a season already full of them.

I give “State v. Queen” 8/10 reasons why I never get a flu shot

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