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Arrow “League of Assassins” Episode Review

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The League of Assassins has come to Starling City…..
Spoilers Ahead……You’ve been warned

Don’t you hate it when a show gives you a big curve ball one week only to resolve it quickly or brush it under the carpet for later in the next episode? Apparently so do the writers of Arrow. After last weeks big reveal of the very much alive Sara Lance, “League of Assassins” dives even deeper into her story and gives us plenty on new twists in a great episode focused on someone other than Oliver Queen.

How good the Sara Lance/ Black Canary storyline has been is one of the bigger surprises for me so far this season. I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Black Canary when she first showed up. Her first couple of appearances were random and a little on the corny side, also that outfit (especially that domino mask) seemed a little ridiculous. I started having flashbacks of the terrible Huntress arc from season one and wondered if introducing other costumed characters was gonna be a problem for the real world tone of this show. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Bringing in Black Canary, or Canary as Sara tells us her name is (what does Arrow’s writers have against using the color part of superhero names), has really added another level to season two. Canary’s parallel to Arrow and her connection to Oliver and the Lances has given her real roots to the show and a legitimacy that other characters that have been introduced just haven’t had. Its been fantastic the way the writers have intertwined her story with Oliver’s and added so many new twists to a story we thought we knew. Plus seeing Canary and Arrow team up had been flat out fun to watch. The pair have great chemistry together and their fight scenes have been more comic book movie than comic book show quality. I hope that Canary at some point becomes a series regular, but for now it looks like she is going to be leaving Starling City for a while.league-of-assassins-arrow-teaser Luckily Sara’s story and presence on the show looks far from over now that she appears to becoming a big part of Oliver’s flashback story.

We found out earlier this season that Canary is being hunted by the League of Assassins, this week they finally came a calling. Sadly they ended up not being much more than the back drop to Sara Lance’s story, but there was some good stuff worth mentioning. First was the confirmation that Malcolm Merlyn was trained by the League. With his costume being identical to the ninja gear worn by the League, I had assumed that this was going to revealed at some point, now that it has been it raises a few interesting questions. Was Ra’s Al Ghul behind Merlyn’s plot to destroy the Glades? This would vibe with the League’s rebirth agenda seen in the comics and more recently in Batman Begins. It would also add a lot of impact to the secrets that Moira Queen is afraid telling. Another thing I wonder is whether or not Merlyn’s association with the League can lead to his eventually resurrection? Ra’s Lazarus pits have been known to bring back a person or two, and with Arrow going further into DC comic book territory, having a villain come back from the dead is pretty much a given at some point. The last couple things that could be big reveals was that Sara is referred to as the Prophet, and that a reference is made to the child of Ra’s Al Ghul. Is Talia coming to Starling city? The idea of having two Ghuls running around causing chaos for Oliver and Co. makes me very excited. As for Canary being the Prophet, your guess is as good as mine. One thing’s for sure though, with so many names and hints being dropped, the League of Assassins might end up being this series main villain.

With this looking like the wrap up episode to the Canary introduction storyline, I was happy to see Sara finally get face to face with at least one of her family members. Considering how strong Quentin has been this season, it seemed fitting for him to be the one that got to see Sara, and it led to some touching father/daughter moments. Plus I think if Laurel would have found out her sister was alive, it might have pushed her off the edge that she has been hovering on. arrow-league-of-assassins04 I also liked that Quentin quickly put together that Sara was the Canary, he’s been great at pointing out the obvious this season. With his fairly good reaction to Sara being Canary, I wonder if this is just a precursor to him inevitably finding out the Oliver’s little secret.

“League of Assassins” was a good ending to a great character introduction arc. The Sara/Canary story has been one of the best this show has done and I’m glad they dedicated an entire episode to wrapping up the story. It was also a nice change of pace to have the show focus on someone other than Oliver. As great as the Arrow is, sometimes even he need a break from the spotlight. Plus with the League of Assassins looking like they’ve got their sights set on Starling City, Oliver is going to have plenty to keep him busy in the near future. Canary has been a great addition to an already impressive cast of characters, and with the Sara Lance story looking to be an important one to the Arrow universe, I’m glad they took the time to make it make it great.

I give “League of Assassins” an 8/10 reasons that Canary needs to be a regular, and maybe get a new mask.

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