Brian West

CW Presents: Arrow “Full Circle”, a Intense 3 Minute Preview of Legendary Proportions

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Not all villains are created equal….
Whoa…now that’s how you tease something. So maybe I might’ve gone a little over-board with the title, but then again, maybe I didn’t go far enough. With the Deathstroke story arc officially going into high gear on Wednesday night’s episode “The Promise”, The CW wants to make absolutely sure we know the sweet ride we’re all in for. So they just released a three minute movie style trailer that previews at least the next three Arrow episodes for sure, maybe more, and it honestly might be the coolest thing any show has every done. Seriously, this trailer just blew me away, Arrow is officially taking television to the next level. If you’re not watching this show, START….NOW. If you are watching, prepare to get your excitement level ratcheted up even more. Take a look at the trailer and tell me if I did indeed go too far with the title, but be prepared, it is an intense 3 minutes of legendary proportions….

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