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ARROW “City of Heroes” Season 2 Premiere

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Welcome back Oliver Queen…..

Spoilers are coming…You have been warned

My favorite show from last year has finally returned, and man did it start off with a bang. The season two premiere not only succeed in building upon the amazing season one finale “Sacrifice”, but it even gave us our first new DC hero addition of the season. I wont tell you who, but lets just say that this character knows how fishnets are supposed to be worn. “City of Heroes” erased any fears I had of Arrow losing any of the momentum that it ended last season with, and really set the stage for the upcoming year. The Arrow premiere did not disappoint.

“City Of Heroes” begins five months after the tragic events of last season’s fantastic finale. Having failed in his mission to save his city, Oliver Queen has given up being the vigilante and has gone back to living on the island where he was trapped so many years before. Its hard to blame him for taking a little personal time, he did spend an entire season trying to stop Malcolm Merlyn’s Undertaking from happening, only to watch The Glades still mostly be destroyed with technology developed by his own company, Queen Consolidated. Did I also forget to mention that his mother was arrested on live TV after confessing her part in the Undertaking, and then he had to watch his best friend Tommy Merlyn die believing Oliver was a murderer. It was a rough year for Oliver Queen.

Luckily, It doesn’t take long for Diggle and Felicity(who I am very happy to see promoted to series regular) to show up on the island in an effort to get Ollie back to civilization. After a fun scene involving a landmine and Oliver doing his best impression of Tarzan, seriously Stephen Amell never wears a shirt, the trio are on their way back to Starling City (I still don’t know why that can’t just call it Star City). I did really like having the season start with Oliver back on the island, seeing how the Hood was in essence born there, it was a symbolic way to show the character go back to the drawing board after his plans had failed so miserably. My only complaint is that it seemed like the writers moved really fast to stop his exile and have him go back to civilization. Considering the reasons he went to the island in the first place, making Diggle and Felicity have to work a little harder to convince him to leave wouldn’t of hurt. But I guess with all the goodness that was stuffed into this premiere, that small issue can be forgiven.
Oliver returns to find all is not well in his city. The Glades that he worked so hard to save, are still in shambles. All the suffering the Undertaking has caused created copycat vigilantes calling themselves the Hoods. Even though they end up being nothing more than villain of the week, it was fitting that Oliver had to face off against twisted versions of his old self. Given that Ollie has now decided to give up killing, it was a good way for him to be reminded of why he had to make that change. The other big problem spoiling his homecoming is the looming hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated, being lead by Isabel Rochev, played by series newcomer Summer Glau. Rochev, a straight from the comics bad guy, should be a good series villain, and Glau is already looking like a great addition to the cast. Lets just hope her jinx of being on canceled shows will finally end.

This episode really felt like a big step forward for the entire show. Most shows tend to use a season premiere as a way to wrap up any cliff hangers from the previous season and move onto whatever the new season will be about. Sometimes themes or changes to characters will be carried through the new season, but usually the proverbial slate is wiped clean. “City of Heroes” doesn’t do this, instead of wrapping up and moving on, it uses all of last season as a foundation that it’s now building season two upon. Oliver uses his failures and Tommy’s death a reason to change how he must go about being a hero. The Glades are now fully shown and realized as the desolate place that needs saving. Laurel has now joined the District Attorneys office and wants to hunt down the Hood, who she blames for Tommy’s death. Thea Queen, faced with her mother being in jail and her brother leaving town, has finally grown up and is running Club Verdant. Roy Harper has stopped running into dangerous situations to save people….no wait, he’s still doing that. But he does look like he has gotten better at fighting, hopefully this means a red hood isn’t to far in his future. These are just a few examples of how much season one has impacted the characters and story going into this season. With the writers having already laid the groundwork, I’m very excited for the potential stories we will be getting this year.
In a lot of ways, Arrow has always felt more like a twenty-two episode movie than a television series, with its second season acting as almost a sequel rather than another set of episodes. This movie formula and feel that WB/DC/CW is using for Arrow has not only made the show a commercial success, but it has also made it one of the most edge of your seat, entertaining shows out there. With the introduction of the Flash, Black Canary, and who knows else this season; Arrow is showing that the entire DC playbook is open to them, and that its committed to staying the best comic/superhero show on television.

I give “City of Heroes” 9/10 reasons why Arrow is far and away one of the best shows on television

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