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Arnie’s Out for the Next Terminator. Puts Career on Hold.

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According to his publicists, the ‘Governator’ has put his acting career on hold, indefinitely.

The hero of Hercules in New York (as Arnold Strong) has decided that he needs to re-ass(ess) his personal life for a while. As such, the infamous muscle bound actor, turn governor of California, has put his acting career on hold.

According to MSNBC,

A statement from Schwarzenegger’s office said the former “Terminator” star has asked his talent agency to put all his motion picture projects that are currently under way or being negotiated on hold until further notice.

I can’t blame him, considering just how big of a poop-storm he has been going through during the last few weeks. With this weeks enlightenment that he does in fact have an illegitimate son, born of his former housekeeper (note. uber-attractive) and his separation from Maria Shriver, Former Governor Schwarzenegger should probably spend a little time working on his own life. Also, recently coming to light is speculation the Arnold might have even more illegitimate children (according to actress Jane Seymour)

The secondary element is that the studios were likely starting to worry about the bad/negative press that featuring Arnold in any movie would likely bring. Look what’s happened to Charlie Sheen in recent months. Sure, he has gained in popularity, but just about no one will touch him, afraid of the stigma that association will bring.

Unfortunately, this means that the pending Terminator 5 will probably be another CGI incarnation of the brutish action hero, if it has him in it at all. It’s a shame to see some of your childhood hero’s being run through the ringer, but lets be serious. Cheating on your wife, is never a good idea.


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