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Army of Two: Pushed to 2010

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army of two 2

Ok, this shit’s getting really really old. Originally slated for this summer, Army of Two: The 40th Day has now been given a death sentence, literally. The game will be coming out first in the UK on the 8th of January, followed 4 days later in the United States when it’s released on the 12th.

Why is this a death sentence for a video game? Oh, well, how about the fact that we’ll be barely 2 weeks past Xmas and the overspending we tend to do around that season? Isn’t that reason enough to not drop a sequel to a game that already had less-than-stellar sales the first time around?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the game…the first was a lot of fun, it was easy to pick up, neither time nor emotionally challenging, and had some all-around good times. It’s worth the used price or old-new price that you can find out there.

They haven’t really given us reason as to why it’s being delayed, but all of us here at MWN think that there’s just too much fear about the power of MW2 and Wolfenstein coming out in a few weeks…eh, this will be another one of those games that I’ll have to throw on the list of ‘wait-and-see’.

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