Become whatever kind of space marine you want in Halo: Reach

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I often miss the Bungie.Net updates because I keep forgetting to subscribe (which I just have), so it’s nice to be reminded of them by other websites since they’re often chock full of information about their latest games. This week is no exception, as the lid is lifted on the armour customisation in Halo: Reach. It builds on the customisable armour in Halo 3 and where as before you could only change your helmet, shoulder and chest pieces, now you can well…just look. Bungie also showed off what will be visible when you first start the game. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use all of the different armour pieces straight away but it shows that there will plenty to play with when you start earning credits for them (Through single and multiplayer). As your earn more credits, even more armour pieces will become available to purchase. Here is what will initially be available. (I’m betting the bottom right will be costly)

Other new details about the game are:

  • There will avatar items to unlock through different challenges in the game. Whoopee.
  • The only reason Sarge could use the jetpack and the flag at the same time on the Bungie Day video was because it is an option based on whether armour abilities can be used with objectives.

Halo: Reach is looking more and more to be something special. Having been in the Beta, I can already say the multiplayer is just fun as ever and the single player campaign looks like a blast after the disappointing ODST. The main thing I’m digging though is all of the different customisation aspects that have been revealed so far. And we haven’t even seen Forge yet.

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