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Armored Core 5 Details Released

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I know that there are at least two of us here on WPR that are anticipating the release of the latest in From Software’s much loved Armored Core series and with the news that has come out this week thanks to Japan and its amazing publication Weekly Famitsu, we’re getting even more antsy.

The game will come out this year in Japan and will more than likely find its way here sometime in 2012, but things are shaking up for the series a bit it seems. You see, there was this really awesome mech game that came out about 5 years ago called Chromehounds that was a pretty badass game for what it cost (for me, something like $3). It had a team-driven style of gameplay that hasn’t been seen in mech sim games since then…until AC5 rolls out.

Armored Core 5 is still going to have all the fun things that made up all of the other games from From Software, it’ll have the customization that we’ve all grown to expect and love and it will feature the same dramatic missions that help push the story along, but what’s different is the emphasis on teamwork this game will have.

There won’t be a separate single player / multiplayer experience really, it’s all supposed to take place dynamically like how Gears of War did with their ‘drop-in’ gameplay…with the difference being that many of your opposition will be rival humans piloting their own ACs in 5v5 battles.

The biggest change I think is that they’re going to be taking the normal size of the Armored Cores, which are about 10m tall, and cutting that down by 50%…making your ACs about 5m tall. Think of it as switching from Battletech down to Heavy Gear sized models, if that helps at all. This new size for the ACs will allow levels to be much larger, and gameplay to be much more varied from the “I’M GODZILLA OVER TOKYO” maps, to be able to run through cityscapes and stages a bit differently.

Details are pretty scarce right now, but I’m really looking forward to this game coming out. Depending on how long the port to the US takes, this might just be one of the few PS3 imports for me.

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