Armchair Quarterback: Sept. 9th 2008

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Hello there fellow sports fans. Welcome to the first edition of my new weekly series, Armchair Quarterback, in which I, as the only true sports fans among the regular editors, sit in my lazy-boy, drink a beer and critique and otherwise make fun of all the things I saw this past weekend in pro football.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh at all the funny, horrifying, satisfying or depressing things of the past weekend.

To explain the format of the article, each Tuesday I will bring to you, our vast army of readers, the top ten interesting things I saw in pro football this weekend. They could be funny, serious, or horrifying, but they will be interesting. So let’s go ahead and get into it.

1. The knee-snap heard round the world

Tom Brady’s knee injury is by far the biggest story of the first weekend. Without him the AFC East division suddenly becomes an even playing field between the Jets, Bills and Patriots. I wonder if Giselle will still love a gimpy ex-quarterback?

2. The Eagle Will Soar

Donovan McNabb is back again ladies and gentlemen. The much-criticized QB looks healthy and ready to take on the NFC East for another chance at the Super Bowl. Expect the Eagles to be a serious contender to the Cowboys this year.

3. Running Backs are the new Purple

By far this weekend’s highlights belong to the running backs. Willie Parker, Marion Barber, Michael Turner, Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush all had great first weeks. I look forward to watching them more as the weeks go on.

4. Injury = blessings?

Vince Young is, without a doubt, the most overrated young quarterback in this league. Last year he had a 1:2 touchdown to interception ratio and now he is injured, after sulking on the bench and refusing to go back into the game. See what coddling a grown man gets you Titans? I’m going to laugh my ass off when Kerry Collins takes them to an undefeated September.

5. Cable football sucks

If you are a lover of football, like me, but too poor to have DIRECTV you are stuck with four games a weekend on cable. One noon game (usually the Titans), one afternoon game and one evening game as well as Monday Night Football. This really sucks when your favorite team is in Wisconsin. So bad NFL for making me pay extra just to watch whatever game I want. What happened to the days of 2, 4 and 5 all having football as well as Fox? Those greedy bastards.

6. News Flash: Brett Favre is a Jet!!

Thank you MNF crew for comparing every damn thing my beloved Packers did last night without their legendary Quarterback. Yes, we all know how it played out this summer, no reason to repeat it. We know you will inevitably compare Rodgers to Favre all season, which only means I will mute the TV and listen to my The Longest Yard soundtrack over and over.

7. The Chargers, the hype, the reality

Yes, I know the Chargers were supposed to be good this year. They finally had a decent WR, Phillip Rivers is coming into his own, LT is still LT and the defense was really stout. Then Shawn Merriman got hurt and all of a sudden, people are remembering that LT is almost 30.

8. Payton choked, looks like the monkey is back

Did you really expect any other outcome after missing the pre-season. Keep an eye on him though, he’ll be back into form by the third game, let’s just hope they aren’t 0-2 by that time.

9. Hell Froze Over: Rookie QB’s winning

Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco definitely had good days as both of them led their teams to victories. Flacco’s 20+ yard run for a TD was sweet to watch and Matt Ryan’s first pass of his career in the league will always be remembered. Let’s just hope those are not the last fond memories the fans have of their young leaders this season.

10. Paging Steven Jackson, are you in the building?

Not after the hit he took from the Eagles’ safety Sheldon Brown he’s not. Watch this.

Damn!!! Too bad he popped right back up. Would have been more impressive if he had been knocked out.

And that’s my first Armchair Quarterback. Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you again next week.

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