Are you ready to get brutal in Brutal Legend?…yeah that was a brutal pun

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I had no idea whether to laugh until I wet myself or bow down in reverence to Brutal Legend.  When you are faced with the humorous voice of Jack Black and the detailed darkness contained in the visceral visuals, you may find yourself enacting both actions simultaneously.  You will trudge through the marshes of pain due to a shattered spine caused by excessive head banging.  Your innards will spill onto the floor when your exuberant laughter splits your sides.  Your heart will cease beating, your face will melt, your soul will leap from your body, and you will never know pleasure so great as when you embrace your inner metal demon!

Just another victim of Eddie

Superman may not kneel before Zod, but you will be humbled simply by playing the demo on XBL.  You get sample of great things coming this week.  Intense visuals, rocking audio, epic storyline that would make George Lucas cream in his pants, and all that other content that makes a good game a worthy candidate to claim many coveted Game of the Year awards.   You won’t always be decapitating demons and using Clementine to barbecue baddies.  You will command loyal headbangers to battle, take down titan sized bosses, and rocking out incantations to perform such great feats as summoning parts to a hot rod to run down those in your path and get you to where you need to go in style.  I’d tell you more, but why tell when you can try first hand by going to XBL and enjoying at least the demo.  Once the game has released, you will here all the wonderful things you will be missing out on, if you don’t get your greedy claws on a copy before I do.

Kratos can weep about his dead family in God of War.  Dante can sit and spin in Dante’s Inferno.  Link can go save a princess with the world’s worst guards in any of the Zelda games.  I’ll take the axe wielding, magical guitar playing, roadie and teacher of french kissing to hot girls.  Eddie Riggs is the man and will soon become your personal choice for video game hero and real life idol.

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