James Helsby

Are you ready for Torchwood to return?

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I am. And it’s coming to Starz (USA USA USA) on July 8th.

What can I say about Torchwood? It’s perhaps GREATER than Doctor Who, and willing to cross lines that the Doctor wouldn’t consider. While the Doctor would never kill, Captain Jack will rip your eyeballs out.

The definative character, protrayed by Welsh actor John Borrowman, is a permiscus non-aging alien stuck by choice on Earth. Well, he was. But when the events that were shown in the Children of Earth mini-series, we find out just how far Captain Jack will go to do what is necessary.

Torchwood. Anagram for Doctor Who, is a brilliant series. And I for one, can’t wait for Torchwood: Miracle Day to premier.

Teaser Here!

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