Are Gamers Beginning To Become Biased Against Any Game With Hype?

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Back in the days when the Internet wasn’t as mainstream as it is today, most people’s only source of gaming news then was through popular gaming magazines such as Gamesmaster and Mean Machines over here or the likes of the former EGM and Nintendo Power in the States. This usually meant that games wouldn’t really get any hype because all a game’s PR company could offer was an advert or later on a demo or trailer. If they were lucky or had the budget maybe they could get an advert on TV. The magazine would offer a preview and review most of the time but that’s all the game had to sell itself on. These days however, thanks to the Internet and a growing acceptance of the gaming market within media, game PR can do so many things to advertise their game, from PR stunts promoting the game like the recent bodypart-a-thon in London for RE5 recently to bullshit press releases to tens of trailers. This means that most of the modern big titles such as Halo 3 or Mirror’s Edge receive perhaps too much hype and this has lead to a backlash of disappointed gamers. But are they going to far with this now? Are gamers becoming biased against hyped game?

Take the latest hyped game Resident Evil 5 for example. Now this is by no means a perfect game but people nitpicked this game to death, from the controls to Sheva to future DLC. I can understand that not everyone is going to be satisfied but a lot of moaned about the controls more than they needed to, despite loving Resident Evil 4 which I’ll remind you uses THE EXACT SAME CONTROL SYSTEM. So is this the backlash of hype or something else?

It also happened with Halo 3. Now to be fair the disappointment of Halo 2 didn’t help but Halo 3 was a great game with good longevity and yet people moaned about it, seemingly for no reason other than the fact that it was a popular game.  Okay it wasn’t the most imaginative game but it was a still a damn good game and yet people were nitpicking at the game’s tiniest faults, as if they ruined the game.

Even games that weren’t so great have suffered from the hype nitpickers. Take Assassin’s Creed for example. With all the hype that game got, people were severely disappointed so when I played it I was shocked to find while it definitely didn’t live up to the hype, it was by no means the terrible game that people made it out to be. Repetitive as hell? Yes. Terrible game? Flawed yes, but not terrible. Mirror’s Edge suffered the same fate but I haven’t played it so I can’t say anything on that.


Of course are the nitpicking twats the only problem here?  We have to remember that the PR are at blame to. They bombard people with this game, creating hype, so when so many games haven’t lived up to that hype, it’s not suprising that people are beginning to automatically hate on any hyped game. If everything else before it didn’t live up, then why would this?

At the end of the day though nitpickers aren’t going to affect hype. People will still eat up the hype, buy the games that get it and then be disappointed by them. I just wanted to rant since I’ve been getting a little sick of people prejudicing on any game with hype.

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