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Archer – Sea Tunt: Parts I & II

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single second of this season of Archer. It seems that after the crew from ISIS finished season two, they managed to hire a whole new gaggle of extremely crafty writers who were going to college the same time as me.


I’m in that strange demographic where shows are made for me it seems, at least that’s what it feels like when I belly up to my television to watch Archer episodes. The last two for this season Sea Tunt Part I and Part II. It all starts off innocently enough with the US government crashing a plane in to the ocean that contains of all things, a hydrogen bomb.

The chase begins with ISIS trying to be the first to arrive at the crash site before the Russians show. One problem, where the hell are they going to find a ship that can salvage something like that…?

Enter Cheryl’s brother Cecil Tunt (voiced by Eugene Mirman) and his girlfriend Tiffy (Kristen Schaal) or should I say most of the cast of Bob’s Burgers. While I thoroughly enjoyed all of the amazing dialogue that came up between this amazing cast…including a callback to the season 1 episode “Skytanic”, watching Pam eat soy-shellfish while being allergic, Ray shaving off his mustache, Cyril putting on a fake mustache, and Archer getting drunk off his ass again and showing off his amazing autism skills once again (including a REALLY REALLY obscure reference to a Gnome illustrator), the true greatness of this episode came from a callback to:


Reed and Thompson’s first big show on Cartoon Network, Sealab 2021, including Captain Murphy!

archer-sea-tunt-2-captain-murphy-lana-season-4-finale-fxI geeked out pretty hard seeing one of my favorite characters on TV once again…but was immediately saddened that Harry Goz isn’t around to voice him anymore but the replacement they got in Jon Hamm was adequate. You don’t even understand how much Harry Goz made that character his.

Well, come to find out there’s no bomb, and Sealab has VX nerve gas tipped missiles ready to launch at metropolitan cities unless Murphy’s ultimatums aren’t met. Leave it to Archer and crew going down to Sealab in a submersible DSV (which Archer is giddy to skipper) posing as a TV crew to try and fix the situation.

Well, as always shit goes to hell quickly for them once they arrive, Archer attempts to diffuse the situation with his handgun that has been modified by a coked-up Kreiger (safety on doesn’t mean safety on it seems), only to cause all of the main pod to flood.

Everyone escapes down a hatch into what appears to be a breakroom containing of all things an off-brand soda machine (Sealab reference), Murphy being crushed by said soda machine (Sealab reference), and somehow escaping through Pod 6 (which doesn’t contain any jerks this time around, ok I’m done). We also find out that Lana is preggers by someone who is NOT Cyril, Archer devotes his love to Lana while drowning, and Ray gets paralyzed again after Archer gets frisky after CPR.

This show is so spectacular each week that I’m simply blown away with how well written it is, and how deep the comedy goes with each inside joke. I mean this is the same show where you get a dog that has the shits/barfs and keeps farting, while also having the main characters show up disguised as 20+ year old Saturday Night Live characters. It brings the funny, the witty, and the dirty each week and I praise Crom that we’ve gotten 4 seasons out of it.

Seriously, if you’re not watching this show, get off your ass and get a Netflix subscription and catch up on the first 3 seasons!

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