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Arcana Heart 3 Trailer: I Came For The Fighting, I Stayed For The Bunny Girl Piloting A Giant Robot

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I never played the first 2 Arcana Heart games, but I was really interested in them when I first heard of them. First of all, they’re made by Aksys Games, the lovely people behind the Guilty Gear and Blazblue franchises. Arcana Heart features the same frantic action and (the main draw for me) insane character concepts as the other titles in Aksys’ stable, only with a little moe flavor mixed in.

From the looks of things, Arcana Heart 3 has everything: nuns, girls who fight using a giant sketch monster, girls who fight by manipulating a big puddle of water that they also happen to be swimming in, fighting style customization, as well as yet another one of the completely indecipherable plotlines that Aksys has become famous for. You can view the trailer over at Aksys’ website.

I may not have played the other games in the series, but I’m glad games like this are still coming over from Japan. This one hits sometime in spring of this year, exclusively on the Playstation Network. Hopefully it’ll build up some steam there and make an appearance on other consoles. So, any of you weaboos gonna pick it up?

via: Shacknews

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