Alan Smithee

Apple’s Manufacturing Stranglehold Just Got Tighter

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I’m sure you’ve read the stories already of how Apple has been tightening it’s grip on any and ever manufacturer that deals in Apple branded hardware. Whether it be batteries, screens, or memory, Apple wants to own the entire process…or so it seems.

As a tech manufacturing and selling business, Apple has had their fingers in every single honey pot from the cradle to the grave. The company has recently purchased outright a company from Israel called Anobit for approximately $400 MILLION dollars. This means that Apple is starting to flex their giant cash muscles and attempting to have products that are Apple’s alone.

It makes sense really, if the company can be owned by Apple and is capable of turning out a product that the company can use and not have to leverage their profits against buying the finished raw product, in this case NAND memory…really fast NAND memory, then that’s even more money that they can pocket.

Right now, their SSD technology comes from Samsung who I can bet loves having Apple on their payroll for their solid state drives and flash memory (which is found in just about every Apple product these days). Just imagine the kinds of profits that you could reap if you cut out ALL of the manufacturing middlemen and had the ability to turn around and resell your own memory products for PC?

Things are going to get real interesting for Apple sans Steve Jobs. This is only the beginning.


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