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Why Apple’s A7 Matters

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I was an iPhone user for years up until the beginning of this year and will always have love for the iOS platform (Android fan boys be damned) if for no other reason than their willingness to push the envelope as far as architecture is concerned.
xlargeFor starters, it’s the first ARMv8 processor to make it into a phone, which is honestly no small feat. Apple’s new A7 processor will allow phones to contain more than 4GB of RAM, which if you recall is leaps and bounds more than the iPhone had when it first came out (128MB RAM total). Apple hasn’t yet publicized their phone’s memory, but with them moving to a 64-bit processor it’s no short leap of logic to make. Especially since they plan on having much more memory than what the iPhone 5 had.

As far as the iPhones go, this means faster applications, faster everything, but what I’d love to see is this new chip roll over into the iPad realm since that’s still my go to device for on-the-go video. This is really a foregone conclusion since iOS7 is a 64-bit OS. It’s all pretty damned impressive that Apple was the first to drop their hat into the 64-bit phone arena.

While the other smartphone makers have said “me too!” Apple remains the only kid on the block who can truly say “FIRST”…I always hated that guy.

Do you think the iPhone 5s is all hype, or do you think it’ll revolutionize phones much like the first iPhone? Let us know in the comments below!

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