Alan Smithee

Apple Surpasses Microsoft as Number One

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well, i personally think its like comparing apples to windows...err i mean oranges really.

Well, all of the Apple naysayers can officially shut the hell up. Not about the company’s stance on open source or hardware upgrades, but at least about how much the company is worth compared to the unholy Microsoft. It’s happened again, Apple has jumped past Microsoft as the #1 most valuable technology company.

I say again because people are quick to forget that Apple at one time was ‘king of the world’ in the early 80s with the Apple II platform that I swear every science teacher owned 3 or 4 of when I was going to school.

Well, they’re back on top…and they don’t even have their own videogame console! The company’s stock rose about 1.8% to give them a value of $227.1 billion dollars, while Microsoft’s stock dropped nearly 1% to give them a value of $226.3. It may seem like a small amount, but keep in mind that we’re talking a difference of $800 million, not a 0.8…that’s significant.

The whole point of this story is to raise fanboy hackles so with that I’ll leave this one to the comment section. Let the flame war begin!

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