Ryan Thomason

Apple Still Wants The World, Announces iClouds and iTunes Match

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Is this the next logical setup for music downloading? Check out what Apple is pushing out next, and HOLY COW ON COWSICLES just read after the jump.

iTunes in the Cloud has been announced as (obviously) their big push into cloud-based downloading. What do you get? It will let you download any music you’ve purchased to ALL of your devices at the price of zilch. Anything you download can be slapped onto up to ten different devices. Who the heck has TEN devices for playing music I don’t know, but I’ll tip my hat to you if you’re one of those few. The whole iCloud service is completely free in the US Only for right now, all of you guys outside of our Great Nation will have to wait while we become more self righteous about how awesome we are. It might be a downfall, I don’t know.

Also, the iTunes Match will let you take all of your torrented legally ripped cds that you have on your computer into the cloud service. It’ll scan that perfectly legal library you have and match the songs to what Apple already has rather than uploading everything. Supposedly in “minutes”. That whole service isn’t free through, it’ll cost you $24.99 a year (up to 25k songs, which if you have THAT MANY totally legal songs I again tip my hat) the package will give you the “same benefits as music purchased from iTunes” when it launches sometime this fall.

So, what do you Apple Junkies thank about all THAT?

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