Ryan Thomason

Apple Joins the Wikileaks Banning Bandwagon

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Apparently, Apple couldn’t decide if it really wanted to keep the App available even though they just decided that it was OK to buy two weeks ago. Apple banned the $1.99 Wikileaks app from its app store Tuesday, only 10 days after approving it on Dec. 11.

The app, which provided real-time updates from the official WikiLeaks Twitter account and access to Leaked documents, was available for download as of Dec. 17. According to Information Week, Developer Igor Barinov said the app raised more than $1000 by Dec. 19.

So, now the tech giant is just joining Bank of America, MasterCard, Amazon and others in denying Wikileaks a platform. Is the swirling web of controversy and ‘government forcing them to shut Wikilinks down conspiracy theories’ getting to these guys now? I’m waiting to see if Apple is going to be the next target for DDoS attack (distributed-denial-of-service attack) that Assange supporters are so fond of using. Mostly to see if Apple’s tech department is really prepared for a challenge like that.

Interested Android users can still download WikiLeaks apps from the Android store. How long do you think it’ll be until Google gets it pulled to? Discuss!

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