Ryan Thomason

Apple is Laughing All the Way to the Bank

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Having just posted their quarterly report that blew the pants off of analyst that follow them in the stock market, Apple reported huge sales in iPhone, iPods and Mac Computers.

Apple said it earned $3.07 billion, or $3.33 a share, in its fiscal second quarter, up from $1.33 a share last year. Apple said it sold 8.75 million iPhones, 10.89 million iPods and 2.94 million in the quarter.

Sales for the most recent period rose to $13.5 billion, up from $8.163 billion last year. Analysts who follow Apple expected that the company would earn $2.45 a share on revenue of $12.036 billion.

Seriously, how the hell do they make up these numbers anyways? Regardless, Apple is still kicking ass and taking names, I don’t really see any mention on iPad sales in these figures, are they saving that for next quarter, when they REALLY want to blow peoples minds with big numbers? With Apple rolling in the dough, their cash reserves must make Scrooge Mcducks money bin look like a pile of crap. I really hope Apple considers paying back shareholders with a fat dividend, but I doubt it will ever materialize.

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