Ryan Thomason

Apple Admits to Tracking Your Every Move via iPhones

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In case you didn’t read the article our very own Jamie Gibson put up last week, you should still know about how much of your life isn’t really that private.

Apple did a big Q&A press conference today, and surprisingly enough, broke their silence on the iPhone location tracking controversy. Most notable: they admit the massive data cache goes too far, and will be fixed in an impending software update.

Should we really be surprised though? Cellphone companies have been able to track our movements, habits, and probably have been recording every call you make (Ok, that’s more me stirring the pot). Should we really be surprised that an industry juggernaught like Apple had just apparently taken it a little bit further until they got caught. All they have to do is say, “Oh shucks! You caught us guys! We’ll fix it so you can all forget about this and we’ll just find another way to secretly monitor you watching porn in the bathroom stall at work.”

What do you guys think about this, everyone complains about lack of privacy all the time, but I don’t think we have any idea how much we forfeit when we use cell phones in this modern age.

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