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Apocalypse Al #3: Hexes, Exes, and One Angry Troll

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And, we’re back. Back to some killer dialogue and kick-ass detective work, that is, in Apocalypse Al #3. Straczynski and Kotian deliver both monsters and wisecracks—a few of my favorite things.

The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #3 cover via

The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #3 cover via


Apocalypse Al #3
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski 
Artist: Sid Kotian
Colors: Bill Farmer
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: April 2, 2014

Apocalypse Al #3 (of 4) (Cover A – Kotian & Farmer) – $2.69
Retail Price: $2.99
You Save: $0.30

Apocalypse Al #3 returns to what I loved in the first issue. There is this hilarious troll that, well, I think I won’t spoil it. But let’s say he pulls one over on Al. Plus, we meet her ex. And, we get to lament the high cost of amusement parks vicariously thought Al. (Seriously though, how can folks actually afford those admission prices?)

Let’s run down the men that are creating all the drama in Al’s life. There’s the zombie that gives her investigative leads. He is the helpful one really. Then we have the Ultimate Darkness. He is not all fun and games, more like all fire and brimstone. Next up is Ronnie. If you read my issue #2 review, you know how I feel about him. Waltham has the Book of Keys and wants to end the world. He’s being a selfish pain in the ass. In Apocalypse Al #3, we get to meet the man who risked and lost his life for her. Scott is her ex-boyfriend and partner whose is neither alive nor dead. At lease she isn’t bored with this group. They keep her on her toes in supernatural investigations.

Here’s where I add my bit about wishing this book had another female character for Al to interact with that is not her mother, especially since she doesn’t get along with her. Al clearly falls into the Smurfette Principle. It is not an uncommon occurrence in the comic medium, or frankly any pop-culture medium. Regardless, I like Al so let’s get on with it.

Straczynski allows us peek into Al’s past and her love life in #3. Scott, even though now he is neither dead nor alive, comes through with a lead. And why wouldn’t you trust a man who gave his life for yours? This lead sends Al on a goose chase through a theme park (modeled on our happiest place on earth) that is rife with patrons and mascots animated by evil spirits. Fun times! I am sure Sid Kotain had fun with a lot of the amusement park panels.

Recommendation: Glad I stuck it out for Apocalypse Al #3!  I am excited to catch up on my comics reading and get to the conclusion of this four issue arc. Reading Al gives me the urge to revisit some of her paranormal investigator compatriots: Steve Niles’ Cal MacDonald and John Constantine in Hellblazer too.

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