James Helsby

Anyone sick of Angry Birds yet? Get ready for Angry Birds the movie.

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Ok, yes. I enjoy the game. Really, they are old school fun. That said, I have been hearing about Angry Birds for at least a few years now, without ever understanding the hoopla. Now I get it. Merchandising! Angry Birds that video game. Angry Birds the movie. Angry Birds the Flame Thrower!

It’s where the real money is to be made.

Well, Rovio, the company who brought you Angry Birds, that most omnipresent game for just about every portable device imaginable, has hired on former Marvel chairman David Maisel, to help craft the company into  the next media empire.

Maisel, whom you may or may not know, was the chairman at Marvel who brought around the restructuring of the business to support the Marvel Studios division which brought us such gems as Iron Man, Hulk, and more recently Thor. Maisel was essential in Marvel securing over $500M in investment capitol to to produce Iron Man, the film which really changed how Marvel Studio’s operated.

During the Disney acquisition of 2009, Maisel stepped down as head. With his association with Rovio, it begs the question of which direction Rovio will be trying to go with the singular license. Rovio, who I will admit, has created a very good game, doesn’t really have anything more under it’s belt. Taking a big risk that in 5 years (leadin and production time for a major CGI film) that people will still be interested in Rovio’s products, is risky at best.

Consumer’s are picky. Just look at how quickly Pokemon went out of the major spotlight (yes, it is still around. But I am talking about the Star it was in the mid late 90’s). We as consumers are always looking for new things, and Angry Birds may not be that thing for too much longer.


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