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Ant-Man #5 Has A Zoolander Reference

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Ant-Man #5, written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Ramon Rosanas, features a joke from the movie Zoolander and Scott Lang saving his daughter by beating up white blood cells.

Ant-Man #5
Ant-Man #5 cover by Mark Brooks from Marvel.com

Ant-Man #5

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Ramon Rosanas
COLORIST: Jordan Boyd
LETTERER: VC’s Travis Lanham
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2015
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Scott Lang is facing some rather terrible scenarios. The villain Darren Cross has been brought back from the dead, and the only reason Cross is alive is because he has Cassie’s heart. Scott doesn’t have long to kick Cross back to the grave and save Cassie from dying with an incompatible heart transplant.

Ant-Mant #5 has a Zoolander reference. I just want to let that sink in for a moment. Specifically this one:

Ever since the Ant-Man movie was announced I’ve had to listen to a lot people tell me it was going to be terrible and make this joke. If there was any joke that has been used over and over again to make fun of Ant-Man in general it was this one, and Nick Spencer decided to make that a joke in his book because….why not? When I read this page I immediately passed it to a friend of mine while flailing my arms around and asking how there are people in the world that don’t like the human failure that is Scott Lang. That movie came out in 2001; it’s not exactly a relevant pop culture reference to base a joke on, but that’s exactly the type of joke that he would make.

The second half of the story decided to go full blown The Amazing Journey, and has Scott shrink small enough that he goes into his daughter and quite literally beats up her immune system to prevent rejection of her new heart. There are several panels of Ant-Man beating up white blood cells and shooting them with a laser gun. He makes quips about the fact that he was dead but isn’t anymore like it’s no big deal, and then ends the issue by making yet another terrible decision because this is Scott Lang, and Scott Lang is a completely idiot.

Yet Nick Spencer has made this idiot one of my favorite characters in just five short issues. I was aware of Scott as a character but I didn’t know that much about him. This made me the perfect person to pick up this series and give an honest opinion on it. I can tell you that it’s one of my favorite things I’m reading right now. With each issue I get more and more excited about the movie in July. If Paul Rudd can capture half of the personality that Spencer has given Scott then we’re in for a great movie. I must also continue to give credit to artist Ramon Rosanas and colorist Jordan Boyd. I wish I could have been there when they got the script with a panel that said “draw Scott beating up white blood cells”, and they managed to make it both beautiful and hilarious.

Ant-Man #5 is the tipping point for me to declare this series great and a must read. If you’re not sure you’re a fan of Ant-Man, or if you think he’s dumb, I recommend you check this series out. It has a great sense of humor about itself and, as I’ve said, comes about as close to breaking the fourth wall without becoming a Deadpool comic. I promise that if you give this series a chance this creative team will help you fall in love with this idiot just like I have.

Ant-Man #5
Ant-Man #5 internal image from Comixology.com

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