Another one bites the dust: Gotham High

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For every good reboot to a story, there are dozens of crappy ones. For every crappy one there are probably hundreds that thankfully don’t see the light of day. This is one of the latter; Gotham High.

In this disturbing remake, they were going to put Bruce back into high school. Somewhat reminiscent of the Spiderman reboot. To make matters worse though, his classmates would be filled by the entire cast of Batman. Therefore, over half the school would be filled with the sprawling list of his enemies.

Many plot holes would have to be glazed over, tweaked, and downright ignored to make this happen. What about his crazy money? Wouldn’t he have gone to a private school? What about all the horrible disfiguring and accidents that made the enemies into what they are today? Is the Joker now just a new age goth with too much makeup? Is half the school made up of freakish birth defects from being half crocodile to having blue or green skin?
It did look amusing, but I for one am happy that we aren’t seeing this come to fruition.

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